Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spooky Do Seasonal

Jewelgirl was offering me some glowy-eyed photos of Spooky Do for the Halloween T-13, but I've already done several tags for Spooky Do. Not that I mind doing them. He's a handsome little House Panther.

However, here are some seasonal tags for a change of pace.

Autumn,House Panther,Spooky Do

I bought the Collab kit from Scrap Happiness and I have to say, I'm not all that impressed. I'm not sure I like Collabs on the whole, as none of the ones I've picked up I've been overwhelmed by. So instead I went back to the Autumn Breeze kit from Creations by Jo, which I do like quite a bit. The Alpha is from Miss-Crow/Clever Crow Designs.

Winter,House Panther,Spooky Do

This is the Winterland kit from Soxsational Scraps that I got from Designer Scraps Living Large. I got three of her kits, the others being Toxic and A Country Christmas. The Alpha on this tag is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

I also got the Puddy Cat set from Soxsational. You get two .pgn cats that are ready to use, and the same cats in .psd, so you can color, texturize, etc., as you see fit to make cats of many colors:

Tuxi Cat,Autumn

The Little Mousie is from DeBee DeZines Scraps (I think), and the kit was Lisa's Design's portion of the October (Autumn) Collaboration kit from Scrap Happiness.

Anyway, going back to Spooky Do...

Diane at Candy's Treats has put together a gigantinormous Christmas Kit called O'Christmas Tree which you can get from Taggers Scraps for the really economical price of $3.00 (US).

Given the number of elements in there, it's a big bargain at the price. It is however challenging to figure out how to sub-divide the kit to make it manageable. Papers, Frames & Tags, Elements, but I've also done a folder for trees (there are 14, not counting the one the little bear is holding) and am contemplating putting the ribbons and bows in their own folders, just so I can find stuff.

Christmas,House Panther,Spooky Do

Much kudos to Diane for remembering to include strings, so we could hang the ornaments!

The Alpha, like the one in the winter piece, is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

(You can ever have too many Alphas, as far as I'm concerned, and you can get some really good FREE ones from FDS.)

Anyway, this gets me off Halloween for a while and does give me a jump on the Fall/Winter/Christmas themed T-13 which are coming up sometime in the not too distant future.


Diane said...

glad you approve of the kit and I hope you manage to sort it all out into managable folders, I never actually thought of that....something to keep in mind for next time though he he hugs Diane x


These are wonderful, this is the first block of time I've had to stop by. The seasonal Spooky Do's are
wonderful...Love those colored eyes
and the blue one is my fav, my fav
color is blue so I am a bit partial
to that one! Fabulous!