Thursday, October 16, 2008

T-13 - 13 Fairy Tags

for the purposes of expediency, I'm only going to include links to the various copyright holder's once. The tubes used in these tags are (c) 2008 by either Brandi Amunrud at Brandi's Creations, Lisa at LK Designs of Sophisticated Scraps/Designer Scrap or Carolyn McComas (a.k.a. Ratmomma) of Infinate Visions, except where noted.

That being said, let's get started:

1. I mentioned I was tickled pink about finally getting the Faery Series I taggers collection of Designs by Helly. Faery Magick combines the elements of the Rhiannon kit with Melly from Brandi's Creations. This is similar to the "When you wish... tag I'd done earlier.


2. Helly does include her own faeries however, thought I don't think she's using either Poser or Daz Studio to do them. Her credits don't say.

Siohban was I think the third kit she put together, and she says she likes to think she got better as a designer as she went along.


3. She did, but the differences are more obvious when you look at some of the older kits that are available on ther blog. "Aliea" was the fourth in the series.


4. Nyssia was I think the second kit in the series. Stardust combines those elements with one of the Incognito Fae, this one from the Fairy Pack 3 series.


5. Just as Beautiful combines the elements from Scrappy Redhead's Midnight Acquaintance II with one of LM Designs posers from the Leather and Lace Fae series.


6. Firefly Fae is self contained as well, and is (c) 2008 by Ladylove from Aussie Scraps. However, despite the name, there are no fireflies in the kit, I liberated this batch from scrappy Redhead's Dancing in the Dark freebie, or butterflies, so I threw in the ones from Helly's Rhiannon kit


7. Believe uses Ratmomma's April Fairy with Scraps from the "Dreams Come True" freebie from Muriel's Scrapbits.


8. I suppose - technically - an elf is not a fairy. The elven girl in Forestall is from Brandi's Creations. The Unicorn and the scraps are from LK Designs/Sophisticated Scraps.


9. I put together Summer's End and hated it, so I went back and redid it, using Melly from Brandi's Creations. The first attempt featured one of Ratmomma's Fairies, the one from August, I think. The scraps are from Freebie Mini kits by Crystal and Scrappy Redhead, the leaves were added from the Autumn Breeze kit from Creations by Jo. The Alpha is from Alpha by, who says in TOU that I should credit the artist, but doesn't' give me her name or blog info.


10. Joy of Flight combines Ratmomma's September Fairy with the September Collaboration kit from Scrap Happiness. This was more a "I wanted to play with the kit" sort of thing than for any real reason.


11. Independence features Ratomomma's July Fairy against the very colorful background of Tantrum's Scraps Stars N Stripes Freebie which is (c) 2008 by Amanda Kelleher.


12. Drama Queen uses one of Incognito's Fae (from the Fairy Pack I series) with the Lil Drama Mama collaberation between Designs by Helly and Utski, which you can find at AhhhScrap.


And last, but certainly not least...

13. Bluedream Designs nicely gave us a winter themed kit to chase away the autumn blues. The Fairy is from Incognito's Fairy Pack 3 (freebie) and the little bear is from Brandi's Creations.


So that does it for today. It's been fun, but we probably won't try this again next week. Then never know...

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