Saturday, October 11, 2008


Since I had made Daisy a Princess, I felt that I needed to make her new brother, Harley, a Prince. Fair is fair, right?

Or at least make him a prince in training.

Domestic Cat,Fantasy

Both this tag, and the one below uses the Enchanted kit from Designs by Helly. The Alpha on Harley's tag is from Carjaziscraps Designs.

After taking an afternoon nap - it seemed the right thing to do, everyone else was doing it - I woke up with the idea for a Fairy Godmother.

And I knew just the cat for the job!

Fantasy,Himalayan Cat

Of course, I don't know...she may need a little guidance there. Do they make GPS systems for Fairy Godmothers?

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PurrPrints said...

Aww, how sweet--very cute digital scrapbooking of your kitties :)