Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The Fae Posers in these tags are from LK Designs/Sophisticated Scraps. This is the Leather and Lace Fae collection - there are 12 Fae total in it. There is also a Classic Fae collection available.


I did this tag using Candy's Treats Metallic kit, which she recently released as a freebie. It's pretty basic, and I call it Heartbroken. There are, BTW, a LOT of really cool bits in that kit. The chrome heart is from a collection, also from Candy's Treats. Originally, I wanted to have half hanging and half falling and couldn't figure out how to do that...until this morning. So maybe I'll go back and change it. Maybe not.

Aside from the really cool bits in that kit, there's also a full chrome alpha, which I didn't use. But wow...seriously...what a great freebie!

Because I was playing with these tags, I'm now way behind on the House Panthers for this week's T-13. ::sigh::


This one uses Chaos Priestess' A Gothorian Feel. Since she's got all - or most - of her stuff on sale, I figured I should take advantage of it and pick up the kits I've wanted for a while. This is one of them.


Helly's Wicked Cool is stil one of my favorite kits (lots of colors, lots of bling). The Fae in this reminds me of my little sister, but I didn't really want to do a tag for her. She's not all there and wouldn't understand it. I think it's the hair though that put me in mind of Carol.


This is the same Fae, but I used Chaos Priestess' A Butterfly Parallax for this tag. There's a really cool butterfly brush that's included with the kit, if you really want to go for butterfly overkill.


My mother would not appreciate me using a dark haired Fae for a tag for her as she is very much, and irrevokably blond. However, black works a lot better with red than yellow, does, in my opinion. I used Chaos Priestess' Enchanted Night for the tag.

So much for an evening's entertainment. At last I did get Diamond's blog shifted over to purple for Domestic Violence Awareness month.

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