Monday, October 6, 2008

Kristen's Wicked Scrapz

I've downloaded kits from Kristen's Wicked Scrapz before, and use bits and pieces occasionally, but I've never done tags with her stuff (except for the one of Spooky Do which I really wasn't all that pleased with). I decided to remedy that tonight as she's got some really adorable Halloween kits and they're all FREEEEEEE, which is the best treat of all.

These first two kits are all using pieces from Kristen's kits the first one is predominately Wicked Halloween, and the second one is Spooky Halloween with bits from the Mini-Halloween Scrap Pack and the Halloween Scrap Pack 2 added in. The Pumpkin and Ghost graphic were her freebie today.



This third one uses her Wicked Halloween kit. The ghost on the right hand side is from Scrap Pack 2. The Batty and Betty Bat tubes are freebies from Scrappiles of Digi Style.


The fourth is an actual Tag, which uses her Darkness and Black and Red kits. Except for the bat sticker, which is from the Mini-Halloween Scrap Pack. The Cineful tube is (c) 2008 Aiya Riordan (Artist Freebie) and you can find here work at I wanted a Chrome Frame for this, and I got that from Chaos Priestess, who has package of 8 available for 75 cents at Digital Chaos.


Finally, and totally off on a different theme, is this lovely Princess tag for my little princess, Miss Diamond. That's an Alicorn, BTW, not a unicorn, and it hails from Scrapbrat's Designs. The kitty charm in the lower left hand corner was a freebie that didn't come with a TOU, so I've no idea who created it.


I used Kristen's Pretty Princess kit for this one (naturally).

If you want to snag any of the first three for you blog, facebook, myspace pages, whatever, knock yourself out. They're properly credited, just don't change or erase the copyright or claim them as your own work.

(The last two tags are mine, Bwaaahhhhaaaahhaaaa!)

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