Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Fur Kids

Winter Fun

Tristan actually did "model" a bit, he just likes to do it on his own terms. He's a handsome fellow, however, all the white fur tends to cause the flash to reflect when you get to close to him.

This picture wasn't too bad, but I'm not overly thrilled with the design. I need to rework a winter tag for him.

tabby cat,Winter

I was using the Winter Fun kit by Cinnamon Scraps which is character heavy, IMHO. (But I do like the little penguins!)

Tristan's Bait Shop

He flashed out in the shot, but it's otherwise a good picture. Maybe once I'ver read through that PS5.0 book I'll figure out how to correct it.

I used to have 7.0 but I had "borrowed" it from the company I was working for and never actually had he disk. That was a MUCH better version that supported animation. Ah well..

tabby cat,fishing

I used the Country Tomboy kit from Trantrum Scraps and she's outdone herself. Over 30 papers and some really cool and unusal element make this a great kit for a tomboy, a regular ol' country boy, or perhaps a county tomcat that likes his fishin'.

Aside from the realistic looking fish, you get the little "cat toy" fish which are just a giggle. This is the "other" kit I picked up for buck last night. What a deal!

The hat is courtesy of The Maltese Scrapper.

I really got a hoot out the kit - if only Tris didn't look so pale faced in it.

The Dread Pirate Diamond

While I was doing the write up for Trip's Pirate Lord tag yesterday, I noted a pirate babe dressed in pink, and that kind of set me off.

The photo was from Valentines Day when I was making Miss Diamond wear her antique rose beads. She doesn't like to wear beads, so she was making faces at me.

Pirate,Miss Diamond

I used Yarrow's A Pirate's Life kit and the Pirate Babe is of course from Incognito Scrapz. The hat is courtesy of the Maltese Scrapper and the alpha on top is from Free Digital Scrapbooking (but you already knew that, right?)

The ship - A.K.A. "The Diamond Cutter" and the water background were from A Pirate's Life kit from Brandi's Creations, which is a freebie on her blog.

The Florida Coastline is broken up by odd nicknames: "The Gold Coast", "The Treasure Coast", "The Space Coast" (near NASA) etc. For some unknown reason, we're the so called "Plantimum Coast" so...she has a legitmate claim to the locale at least.

She is actually "Captain Diamond, called the Black" when she's in her pirate persona. Now I'm thinking she might have an all female crew except for Tristan, the bilge rat. Hmmm.....

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