Thursday, January 14, 2010

AC and new tutorials

My Gothy Valentine

Elizabeth from the Scrappetizing CT team did this absolutely wicked tag using my My Gothy Valentine taggers kit. Isn't it awesome?

You can find the tutorial for this at Jorgie's Place.

Snow in Love

I keep talking about how cold it is here in Florida. "How cold could it be?" you wonder. "After all, you're in FLORIDA. It's the sunshine state, right?"

Well, Katie from Crazed's Creations has out a wonderful new kit called Snow in Love, which is available in taggers and full size at Scrappetizing. I was doing a tag and a tutorial using the kit. I'd' finished the tag and was working on the tutorial when the computer froze up!

Oh no! And I didn't have the tutorial saved, so there's no tut. But it's a beautiful tag, right?

I maybe will do another tag using this kit and write the tutorial for that. I dont' know I if can remember what I did, especially as the computer froze while it was saving the .pspimage file, and it corrupted, so I don't have the file in layers.

Finally, I've added an adult content warning to this blog for more than one reason. The first reason is this fab new tab I did using the awesome My Gothic Rose taggers kit from Scraps by j0eswife. I had originally planned to do a nice sweet tag in pink and you see where I ended up, right?

The tube is called "A Lil Devil" and it's by an up and coming pin up artist named Diana Martinez who works out of Miami Beach, Florida. I love it and she's got several other tubes that I'm itching to get my paws on, so look foward to a few more Adult Content tags.

The second reason, well...if you hear a rumor going around about an adult content kit I've been working on, it's all true. You'll find out a lot more about it come February 1st.

Any - another great kit from my buddy Tanya that I totally enjoyed working with. You can find the tutorial for this tag at Di Before Dawn tutorials. You can find My Gothic Rose at Scrapper's

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yomamaluvsu said...

Ha . When I looked at the Elizabeth tag I could actually smell grape! Very nice!