Monday, January 18, 2010

Now in Shops: Dark Angel

Dark Angel

I wonder these days about the traditional view of Heaven - all clouds and harps and stuff. I mean, after all this time, couldn't they upgrade to electric guitars?

So, not all visions of heaven are the same. Some like a little bit of a dark bent when it comes to their forever after.

This beautiful angelic themed taggers kit combines both traditional and non-traditional elements. 30 celestial themed (800 x 800, .jpg) papers provide a background to 124 divine elements:

11 frames, 10 ribbons, 5 beaded hearts, 5 beaded ribbons, 5 bows, 5 candles, 5 devilish hearts, 5 feathers, 5 glitter splats, 5 roses, 5 ruffled ribbons, 5 star dangles, 5 tags, 4 clouds, 3 butterfly charms, 3 halos, 2 angel bears, 2 butterfly trails, 2 crescent moons, 2 cross & ribbons, 2 crystal unicorns, 2 heavenly games, 2 moon & stars trail, 2 ornaments, 2 pearl bling, 2 silver music notes, 2 winged corset, 1 angel, 1 gold heart chain, 1 ladder, 1 open silver box, 1 perfume bottle, 1 rose heart, 1 star curtain, 1 winged heart, 1 wing ornament, and 4 dark angel posers (c)Sophisticated Scraps & Imaging.

Saved to 300 DPI making it suitable for blogwear and websets, as well as other projects. Personal use only please.

Good girls go to heaven. Where will you go?

You can find Dark Angel at:

Mystical Scraps Designer Blinkie photo FC_MysticalDesignerBlinkiejpg.gif

Also available is my new Blood and Chocolate taggers kit.

Blood and Chocolate Preview

I'd already done two Chocolate themed kits, so I put a bit of a different spin on this one. It's loosely based on the 2007 movie of the same name involving a romance between a werewolf and a human. Lots of Gothic type elements for any Valentine/Goth tags you might be contemplating.

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