Sunday, January 10, 2010

New from Digicats: Punky Love

Punky Love
Remember your first serious crush? All the expectations and anticipation, walking on air when you found out he liked you to and looking forward to your first date, you first dance, your first kiss?

Punky Love is all about that youthful untried love. Done in bright colors with appealing elements, it's about the fun, uncomplicated relationships in life.

30 (800 x 800, jpg) papers and 122 elements: 15 ribbons, 10 frames, 5 barbed hearts, 5 bows, 5 brads, 5 candy kisses, 5 champagne glasses, 5 champagne bottles, 5 chocolate candies, 5 Cupid's Arrows, 5 fuzzlees, 5 glitter splatters, 5 love bugs, 5 skulls, 5 tags, 4 chocolate boxes, 4 cookies, 4 heart flowers, 4 rose swags, 4 roses, 3 mouse cones, 2 Baby's Breath, 2 huggable porcupines, 1 heart stand, 1 Lil Devil, and 3 Little Love posers (c)Perfect

Fall head over heels all over again, with Punky Love! 300 DPI, personal use only please.

Punky Love is available at:

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