Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bunny Tasty?

spring,Easter,black cat,Diamond
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I started working on another page using the Hippy Hop kit, but my computer had issues and terminated the program. So...I went back to Bunny Tracks (see above) and made use of the bunny background because I'd had this moment of inspiration.

This is pretty much what Diamond would do if she ever saw a bunny, track it and try to eat it. So it sort of fits. In fact, any Bad Kitty Cat worth his or her weight in kitty litter should be out looking for that rabbit tonight.

I thought about entering in the Easter Contest at Pikapet, but the bunny lovers will take issue over it, I'm sure. It's fun and I rather like it. It's my favorite so far, and I'll likely print it to send to my mom. She gets a kick out of them, and no longer thinks I'm torturing the nice kitty cat by dressing her up because, well...she's so cute!

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