Friday, March 21, 2008

Harper Abigail Stephens

Harper Abilgail Stephens
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While Abbie (Harper Abigail Stephens) is technically the House Panther in the Cats Stephens gang, but Emily and Eliot are good candidates for Blue Wednesday.

Abbie became a Stephens in March of 2007 and celebrated her first Gotcha Day at the beginning of the month. She was adopted for PetSmart, mainly as a companion for Eliot. Evidently Emily is not really friendly and Percy is a little on in years. She likes to bit feet, especially if she's being ignored, and she likes to start fights with Eliot, then act like he's hurting her. Unfortunately, just about everyone has caught onto this ploy.

She is long haired Panther with a very long body and tail that are both low to the ground giving her a kind of ferret look.

There have been a lot of changes recently in the Cats Stephens household and they do not blog as actively as they did, but you can find Abbie and Company at The Cats Stephens.

Please stop by and leave a note for Percy as well, who has non-metastasized nerve sheath sarcoma and will likely have to have surgery to remove a couple of toes. The are picking up a referral to take him to see a specialist at a hospital in Virginia .

Percy Badge
Image by Zoolatry

Friday is also Freebie Friday and Abbie's page was created using the Red Velvet Mini Kit Freebie from Element by Design. I should note that it took forever to download, but the colors are fabulous. Alpha by Free Digital Scrapbooking.

The piece was designed to an 8 x 10 page, and should print and frame well. I just hung a couple of Miss Diamond in my office - ah, cute cat! Everyone around here just adores her.

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