Monday, March 24, 2008

Riley's Room

Riley's Room
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Riley is Rascal's sister, the two kittens were adopted together after they were found abandoned in a park at the end of August, apparently on the day they were born. That makes them the youngest in the five feline crew at Grr, Midnight and Cocoa. Rascal is the only non-House Panther in the group, the token tabby.

She likes to sleep on the heads of people who are sleeping, she also likes to bite on something when she's sleeping...a finger, a bit of blanket...

Grr tries to eat her and stalks her like prey, but she will scream as loudly as possible when Grr attacks her. She sounds exactly like an angry panther, and not like a frightened kitten.

Aside from her Panther roar, she has a very fierce growl and is even more grrrr-ier then Grr, more biteyer than Cocoa and more maddening then Midnight.

I used the Baily's Room freebie from Raspberry Road Designs on this one, which was actually based on a little girl's room, so it seemed very appropriate for a little House Panther.

Formated to 8 x 10 portrait size.

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