Monday, March 17, 2008

Pooka's Kick A** Drinking Game

Pooka's Kick A** Drinking Game
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This was just a quickly little piece I did for The Black Cat Pub for Pooka's Kick A** Drinking Game. I'd found the Pot o'Gold dice at Target for a buck, but trying to translate it to the internet is tough.

Who knew when I plucked that little zebra off the Easter aisle in Walgreens that he'd have so much to offer in the way of bar managment. Now we have Pooka Shots and everything else!

I used Raspberry Roads Lucky Me kit on it, of course. Raspberry Roads as some very nice kits at very reasonable prices and I will be doing some shopping there shortly. Be sure to visit their Dollar Store. While I need a Girl Scout Kit, I will probably purchase the Boy Scout one to work with until I find the female alternative somewhere.

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