Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mosaic Annie

black cat,Scrapbook
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This was an attempt to rehabilitate Annie's Demon Kitty image by giving her a nice pretty layout. This used the Redju Simplemente kit on this piece. The alphabets were from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Annie will turn two in August of 2008. She moved in with the Mosaic's as a foster a year later and became a permanent fixture, much the chagrin of the geriatric residents on September 19, 2007.

You can find Annie on theMosaic Cats blog, where she is currently fighting a War on Tomerism.

Mosaic Annie demon cat

Annie was featured on House Panthers on February 22, 2008, in which I used a photo of her modified with Photoshop's Mezzotint filter.


I was trying Mo's tip of editing at a higher res and then scaling the photo down after, but I still wasn't all that happy with the results.

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