Sunday, March 30, 2008

Panthera Domestica

Panthera Domestica
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Panthera Domestica, a.k.a. the common House Panther is found in major cities and rural areas all over the world. Their territories may range from single room apartments to several urban blocks, although few tend to roam far from their lairs.

The House Panther is a naturally occurring melanistic color variant of the tabby variety of the Near Eastern wildcat. Subspecies of the Panthera Domestica include a gray (a.k.a. blue) variant.

Despite the name there is nothing "common" about these majestic creatures, who are close direct descendants of the sacred cats of the Temple of the Egyptian Goddess Bast.

Loving, fiercely loyal and very protective of those things that they hold dear, Panthera Domestica is one of the best friends anyone can have.

Find out more about Panthera Domestica at House Panthers as we celebrate a festival of black fur during Midnight Monday.

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