Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Pitch

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Justin got to throw out the first pitch as a member of the kids' club and it also happened to be Go Red Day in appreciation of the American Heart Association.

So they send him out there with a little girl, an open heart surgery survivor, who was I think a year older than him (five). He was more interested in the little girl, I think than in throwing out the ball.

Justin is also quite the ham and will beg to have his picture taken when I'm around.

If you are thinking the colors look like the current John Deere fad, you'd be right. The kit is a freebie called TwoSoon from Shabby Princess and it was created for the designer's son's second birthday, which was a John Deere themed party.

I'm not thrilled with the tall lettering, but I guess when you're two, being tall is important.

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