Saturday, March 15, 2008

Captain Jack

Capt Jack
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Captain Jack is a domestic shorthair cat who is part of the Tuxedo Gang Hideout, even though technically, he's a bi-color (solid and white) cat. Tuxi Gang is pretty easy about who they let in. He lives with his Tabby brother Dante and two woofies, Samwise and Beaux.

This master Pirate is very demanding feline. He will meow and meow until he gets his way. He demands treats, food, water in his fountain, and to be let outside on the porch every day from the moment his Mommy or Daddy come home from day hunting.

You can find Captain Jack and Sir Dante over at Purrageous Pirates.

I used various items from a variety of kits on this one, including Free Digital Scrapbooking Retro Diva's Be Mine, and Shabby Princess' Urban Kiwi and Festival. It was created for Jack's Birthday, which is Mar. 17th.

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Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much! This is a wonderful birthday present. I absolutely love it!!