Thursday, March 20, 2008

I get Misty

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Misty is a 9 year old Rotty/German Shephard mix who lives with Peanut, her daughter, and Smokey, a Lynx-point Meezer, in Far Rockaway, New York. She was adopted from the North Shore Animal League and had one litter of 9 puppies with her Mom, Rose, before she was fixed. She is the Alpha Dog of her pack and is very protective of household, despite being a big mush (as she calls it) at heart.

I used Raspberry Roads Designs' Java Joe kit on this, which is a really nice freebie kit you can download from them.

Misty is one of the Pikapet Crowd, and got one of the posse badges, which was an idea that sort of fell by the wayside. We might pick it up again later, but I'm afraid that half of the Pikapet Crowd is a little too young for duel role playing (role playing your pets who will be role playing). And Rose would be running three characters which isn't really fair to her.

Misty ID

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