Friday, March 14, 2008

A Kodak Moment

A Kodak Moment
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Kodak is a 13-year-old Russian Blue who lives with his two tabby brothers 3 Perf and Winton. They blog at My 3 Aging Felines. He is also on Catster. They also have a woofie, Velco, an Australian Cattle Dog that does herding trials at dog shows. When he's at home he herds the cats. He was a stray that showed up and managed to meow his way into the house (after 8 hours) and he hasn't been outside since.

He was diagnosed with Diabetes in December, and is on 1 cc of insulin twice a day, which has helped his over all condition, including his arthritis. He enjoys sleeping with his mom, or in the laundry basket in the closet with his green frog. He's been all across the country and currently lives in San Pedro, California.

I used Shabby Princess' Sun Porch (by Amy Teets) for this scrapbook page.

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