Monday, March 10, 2008


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Spooker lives with Little Isis and Not the Mama in Michigan and blogs at Purrchance to Dream. She is one our Russian Blue House Panthers. She is 14 years old and was the Glorious Center of the Known Universe until a pair of interlopers named Chloe and Daphne showed up.

She was a rescue kitty, having been dropped in a shoe box on the doorstep of the Animal Shelter in Dayton, Ohio. She is terrified of "Outside" and never wants to go out there, not ever.

This page was made using Shabby Princess Harvest Spice and Shabby Fall collections. It was set up to print to 8 x 10, but in looking at it again, I should have made the big S a little smaller, as I think part of it is going to get cut off when printed. Ah well. Live and learn.

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Gattina said...

Oh, it looks very pretty ! I would have liked to do that years before, now I don't have the patience anymore ! Thanks for telling me that pictures were missing on my cat blog. I don't know what Blogger did, the html code was there but no picture ! So I used Photobucket and now the pictures are there.