Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Matter of Faith

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Faith Boomerang was one of Momma Tortie's babies. Momma Tortie was a feral rescue that they ML took in while she was pregnant and kept until the kittens were born and old enough to give up for adoption.

Once Momma Tortie was surrendered, she went wild again and was considered unadoptable. So she was sent to a cat refuge to live out the rest of her life in piece and quiet. It's a big two story house out in the country on a big fenced piece of land. The cats have the run of the house, and SPECIAL cats, like Momma Tortie, also have outside time to run and hunt and climb.

Next they were notified that that Babie Tortie was biting. So they went and picked her up and brought her back home. Since ML had been counseled to have "have faith" during the whole ordeal, it was obvious that the returning kitten had to be named Faith. And well, Boomerang is also kind of obvious.

Anyway, you can find Faith online at Missy & KC. Be careful, she might purr you do death!

I used Free Digital Scrapbooking's Hope, Faith and Love Papers and Digital Freebies' Spring Fling Embellishments.

Note on October 7, 2008: Hippo Purthday to Faith Boomerang, who turn one year old today!

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