Sunday, March 16, 2008


Diego - San
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Diego was named after the painter Diego Rivera and is the Alpha Cat over at Cat's Eye. He also seems to think he should be a TV star because you can catch him sitting on the TV in many of the photos on their blog.

When Diego was first brought into the vet they thought he was a female cat and his name was Nicole. After his "operation" he was renamed. D-Man added the "san" because he wanted him to sound more Asian. He is sometimes called 'the big fella' because he looks much bigger than the other two (although in fact Thompson weighs more... Diego is just fluffier).

Again I used DC Design's Strong Shoes add on for this piece, to make it a set with the other two. As with the prior pieces, the lettering is from the freebie Ema Kit. This also included items from the full collection, not just the add-on. You can find it at Digital Freebies which has some very nice kits in their Boutique. The piece is suitable for printing in an 8 x 10 portrait format.

Diego was featured on House Panthers on February 23, 2008, one of the first so featured since the blog was upgraded to include daily informational postings.


As you can see, he is perched on the TV in this shot. The picture was edited using Photoshop's Craquelure filter from the Texture file, which turned in a nice effect. As with the scrapbook page, you can click on the image to enlarge it.

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