Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Basically Grr

black cat
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Graciously Grr? I Grr ever gracious? Thursday is Grr-Day (of course) and I HAD a mental image of what I wanted to do with this, but the kit didn't co-operate and so the piece went off in it's own direction. That happens sometimes.

I think the folks at Grr, Midnight and Cocoa are thinking of investing in a frame factory though, since they get a new piece out of me every week. I went and got a top loading scrapbook album at Walgreens to put Diamond's pieces in (at least, the ones I favor enough to print out).

I used the "New Beginnings" freebie from Raspberry Road Designs which is basically a New Year's Kit, but I liked the black and white. On a side note, is having a 50% off sale from now through the end of March, so I could get those Boho kits I've had my eye on and actually do what I wanted to the do for Grr before I got sidetracked...

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