Friday, March 21, 2008


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Rutgers was the former Mascot of the Fort Myers Miracle. He was "traded" at the end of the 2004 season to Hudson Valley Renegades of the New York Penn League and more or less retired from mascoting in favor of a person in a smelly, furry suit.

He was named for Rutger's University, his owner's alma mater, and he was the fourth in the line of Goldies the Miracle used as mascots starting in 1992 with the legendary Jericho, who was Rutger's great, great grandsire.

You can find more about Rutgers on Diamond's Blog which was the reason I did this piece in the first place.

This was done using Scrap Girl's Afican Beat Collection for no better reason than because I'd just purchased the kit and wanted to use it. I might have to redo it because I see a few errors, and I need to rescan the big pictures of Rut, so they are not so grainy. It's a little hard, working on the smaller screen at home to see what I'm doing.

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