Saturday, March 29, 2008


black cat
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The Friday Freebie at Digital Freebies was an add on for the Family Man kit. On the whole, I don't have much use for that kit because let's face it, there aren't any men left in my family. But it's had to find good male themed kits, and so I did buy the kit based on that justification. It made more sense than buying three easter kits did.

Happy-Go-Lucky is one of several House Panther members at Petronious the Arbiter. Hockey Puck and Petey himself are members as well, as I think is one of the females. I can't find much on the girls on the site.

In any case, Lucky or HGL as he is sometimes called, is tailless - which I guess would make him a House Bobcat.

While Petey has been blogging since November of 2005, it's been mainly on and off, more off than on. He was fairly active on House Panthers, but has been quiet of late, and he acts as the voice for Lucky who he claims his is "personal assistant who handles all his dirty work, like grooming and pouncing."

Lucky was the baby of the family until Hockey Puck showed up. He claims he likes napping with his mom, chasing his sisfurs and playing with the red dot. He's learned to open the cabinet doors in the kitchen, and eat the doggie food - the felines also share their home with a number of doggies.

He's 15 lbs, and much like Diamond, he's a bell rub whore.

This piece, like most of my others, was done to an 8 x 10 format for printing purposes.

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