Thursday, March 27, 2008

Down by the Seaside

black cat,Diamond
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I had gotten these two ocean related kits, Beachnut Mini Kit by Pam Lefors Designs, and Oceans by Butterfly (Um amor de bebe) off Digi-Free, but the question was, what to do with them. I had some vague notion of doing something with Diamond's Catfish but...

Then, yesterday, I got this flash of inspiration and decided to send Diamond to the beach. Not that she'd every go to the beach but...that was neither her nor there. Top models - even of the feline variety - need vacations too.

So I combined the kits and added in a photo I'd taken while diving in the Grand Cayman Islands and well, there we were!

I suspect we're going to use this as her Easy like Sunday Morning post this weekend, as she's going to be blogging about her "modeling career" next week for April Fools Day.

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