Sunday, March 9, 2008

Faded Mickey

black cat,Scrapbook
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Mickey is one of the nicest cats on Cat Blogosphere. This was a quick page kit that I got from Digital Scrapbook Freebies. The composition was done in PhotoSuite, with additional elements added from there. Mickey is going on 15, so the whole composition is intended to look a little faded.

Mickey lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with his sisters Tillie and Georgia. He blogs at Mickey's Musings. At 14-years-old, he likes nothing better than to sit in the sun and dream of his Miss Peach.

Mickey was previously featured on House Panthers on March 5th, 2008.

black cat,photoshop

I used him for Whisker Wednesday as he was showing off his whiskers. I've applied the poster edge filter in PhotoShop to accent his "mustache".

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Mickey's Musings said...

Oh I absolutely love this!!!!!! Thank you so much :) I am a cool cat!! I look good too ;)
Purrs Mickey