Sunday, March 16, 2008


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Theo's full name is Thelonious Dribble. He was named Dribble by his foster mom because of his white streak that looks like he dribbled some milk down his chin. Being the musician in the group, D-Man wanted to name him after something music related. He considered "Dylan" and "Jazz" but neither fit and finally settled on either Cecil (after the great jazz pianist Cecil Taylor) and Thelonious (after the greater jazz pianist Thelonious Monk). He actually was named Cecil for a day, but Theo seemed to be a better fit.

He is sometimes called Dave's 'lil boy' because he is smaller than either Thompson or Diego-san.

Theo was the most recently adopted of the three and is such is pretty much the interloper. Still, he seems to get along well with his brothers and fills a need for Diego, as Thompson can't play Thundering Herd of Elephants or other rough and tumble games.

Theo also fetches, an interesting, but rare skill in cats. Given his musical name, we must assume he is the one who also plays the piano that shows up in the background of a number of shots.

I used DC Design's Strong Shoes add on for this, although the lettering is from the Ema Kit. This included items from the full collection, not just the add-on. You can find it at Digital Freebies which has some very nice kits in their Boutique. The piece is suitable for printing in an 8 x 10 portrait format.

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