Friday, March 14, 2008

Legal Tender

We're in the basement, learning to print
All of it's hot!
10-20-30 million ready to be spent
We're stackin' 'em against the wall
Those gangster presidents
~ B-52 from the 1983 album Whammy!

Chey is still going off about her "counterfit" birthday gift from Diamond:

In Chey We Trust

It's of course perfectly valid currency in Katopia, backed by the Bank of Catatonia. Just like Yao-lin Loot is perfectly legal:

The Bank of Yao-Lin

Diamond doesn't deal in cash. She prefers platic:

Diamond Credit Card

But she does carry a cash card for those odd times when she must turn to either Chey Pay or Yao-Lin Loot to get what she wants.

black cat,Diamond

All of these were stock templates in PhotoSuite version 4.0. Fun stuff!

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