Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun with Filters

Relaxing on Bed

This is the original picture with no modifications.

Water Color Filter

This is the same picture with the watercolor filter applied

Neon Filter

This is the Neon edges filter. I like the way this one turned out. I think it is my favorite of the experiments, as it makes her look dark and mysterious. I figured out how to change the color of the neon as well!

Poster Edges

This is the poster edges filter. I suppose when Diamond becomes a Celebricat, there will be lots of posters made of her, and they will look like this?

Glowing Edges

This is the glowing edges filter. It has potential, but I don't think it was reached in this picture.

But then Zoolatry, who is 100 times the artist I am, counters with the following...

Diamond Silhouette by Zoolatry

Silhouette. Basically, it's just Diamond matted out of the background.

Diamond Shadows by Zoolatry

She called this Shadows, but it's basically the silhoutte shot with the outer glow effect added.

Diamond Stars by Zoolatry

This is like my favorite of the set. It looks much better on screen at work than on the screen at home though. It's the subject (Diamond clipped) with the outter glow applied to her. I don't know if the background is an add in, but I assume it is. The lens flair filter is then added for star effect (see Evil Annie).

Diamond Eyes

This one is pretty nice too. Once again, it's the subject with the outer glow filter. I assume the frame is an add on as my Photoshop version did not come with built in frame effects.

The main problem is hate matting out the background, which sort of limits what I can do. I wonder if there's an easier way to mat in Photosuite...

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