Thursday, July 9, 2009


What's wrong with kids these days? I went grocery shopping yesterday and there's little chick at the store who works for Nemesis Tattoo down on SFM Beach. She's got quite a few, but they're all pretty tasteful - just a bit more than most people would have. Anyway, I get in line to check out and she's talking to the girl at the register who is turning 18 in three weeks and wants one of the Transformers tattooed on her. That even took the chickie back a bit, but...I said "Let me give you some advise. Before you get anything tattooed on you, stop and ask yourself if you're still gonna be happy with it at the time your 50 years old."

I have three. I was happy with 'em when I got em, and I'm still happy with 'em. I turn 50 in a couple or three months.

But the girl kind of looked at me like I was crazy. she gonna be happy with a Transformer on her a few years from now? Yeah, it was cool at the time but....

This my phoenix....the picture makes it look like it's going down my back, but it's not. It's only up on my shoulder....

Phoenix Tattoo

And my Wolfie...

Wolfie tattoo

And the dragon I can not show you on the internet because, well...that would be pornographic.

I know Bittersweet did one a years or so ago, but should do a "Tattoo You" kit.

(Heck, I did a "Wild Horses" kit. Let's do one for ALL the Rolling Stones songs!)

Beyond that I'm just toying with the notion of joining another store. I'm currently selling in three....

I started working on a Pirate themed kit. I've got the papers and the tags done and I've made the frames. I don't know if I'm going to decorate them yet or not, so I won't say they are finished. Just made. LOL. And I've started work on the elements. Camp Tippy Canoe does not have a lot of regular elements like ribbons, bows, etc in it. This one will.

In the meantime, here's a tag using my "Sunshine Beach" taggers kit:

Sunshine Beach

The poser is (c) by Untamed Angel and the Summer Sun alpha was a freebie from Shel Belle Scraps.


AM said...

cool ink.

Mary said...

Wow, look at that :) I thin that's a good way of putting it when your 50 will u be happy, I'm sure she went home and thought about it.