Sunday, July 5, 2009

A ride on the Gothic Inspirations Summer Blog Train

I did some tagging with the various kits you can pick up (for FREE) on the Gothic Inspirations Summer Blog Train. In most cases these were taggers sized kits, but two of them were traditional size - I'll cover those as I get to them.

Missing from this collection is the Bits'N'Bob's Summer Spritzer kit, which I'm going to do a tutorial on, as well as the two element packs from Created by Jill and Designs by Sarah, as well as the Summer Time Word Art by Anti Social Distorions. This is not to belittle them in any way, I was just trying to see what I could with the individual kits.

All the posers are from Lisa at Sophisticated Scraps and Imaging. I love her little cookie posers, they are just too darn cute! These can be purchased from Sophisti-Scraps.

Gothic Inspirations Summer Blog Train

First up is this great offering from Jessica at Gothic Inspirations who was kind enough to host this great train. He brings us a "large" taggers sized kit with the papers saved to 850 pixels. (You can click on any of these tags to make them bigger by the way). The kit comes with 15 papers and 59 elements. I love glitter splats, so I really enjoyed the ones she include in the kit. And aren't those flowers gorgeous?

Click on over and pick this one up. After the 15th it goes into her store and you'll be sorry you didn't snag it for free when you had the chance!

The paper clips is from Sam's Scraps, and the alpha comes from the Digital Blueprint portion of the blog train.

Any of the masks I am using in the these tags, like the one in this tag, are from Wee Scots Lass.

Summer by Sky Scraps

This next tag comes from Sky's Scraps who added some totally cute Bugilious clip art to it. The kit comes with 9 papers and 43 elements, certainly more than enough for several tags, especially as I couldn't fit in all some of the really nice elements she included.

Beach Days

What would the summer be without a trip to the beach? Natasha from Sticky Kisses takes us out to the surf and I really love the cute little elements she's put in here.

15 papers and 25 elements including the Beach Days word art. The Alpha on this one is the Beach Bum alpha from Digi-Designs by Nicole and is not included in the kit.

Sun and Sand

Melisa's Scraps offering is a full size mini-kit which comes with 4 beautiful papers and 18 elements. Even after I scripted it down to tag with some of the elements were huge, but that's okay. It's easier to make them smaller, than it is to enlarge them.

I LOVE that sand dollar! LOL! The Summer Sun alpha used in the tag is courtesy of Shel Bell and is not included in the kit.

Candy Girl

If you like candy you'll just love a trip to the sweet shop Made by Justine.

This taggers sized kit comes with six regular papers and 4 glitter papers, 38 elements and an alpha.

Justine did a great job on this one and I had a lot of fun playing with it, so be sure to check it out.

Summer Fun by Laura

Laura's Designz brings us another taggers sized kit and I love the papers on this one! There's 8 of them, as well as 26 fun elements including some really nice flowers. The alpha is again from the Digital Blueprint kit which...

Digital Blueprint

...brings us to the other traditional size kit in this train. Digital Blueprint delivers with 5 papers and 12 elements, plus the alpha. This is another on that's headed to the stores after the 15th so if you've got some summer layouts to do, be sure to snag it now.

Great stuff from all the talented artists who participated in this fine blog train. And don't forget my own contributions - The Summer Lands - which is a tagger sized affair.

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at what's available! I certainly enjoyed playing with all the summery colors!

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