Monday, July 20, 2009

Fox & Hound layouts and tags!

Mary, from the Sophisti-Scraps CT team has done some great work with my new Fox & Hound taggers kit. Check out this fabulous tag:

Fox-N-Hound Tag

She's got a tutorial up for it as well, on her blog at

Plus a pair of quick pages and you can also pick these up for free over at

Fox-N-Hound Layout 1

Need I say I LOVE the white kitty? He/she reminds me my old cat Puffy, who used to own me when I was a little girl.

Fox-N-Hound Layout 2

Fox & Hound photo DCD_FoxNHound_TS.png

Note: Fox & Hound has been retired and is available for FREE elsewhere on this blog!

And don't forget to check out my latest release Chaps!.

Chaps photo DCD_Chaps_TS.png

I love Western tagging, so I packed everything I've always wanted from a Western kit into Chaps. You won't find any clip art here!

An Angry Bull
Rawhide Alpha by Wenchd Designs, not included in kit.

This is grade A prime beef, straight to you from cow country - okay, well almost. We're just a bit down the road from cow country. LOL!

Note: This kit has been retired and is now available for FREE elsewhere on this blog.

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Tammy said...

Beautiful layouts.