Friday, July 3, 2009

New from Digicats (and Dogs)

Rosario's Pizzeria

Remember the old Mom and Pop pizza places? The decor often left a lot to be desired, but the food was outstanding. Rosario's Pizzaria is a step up from plastic table cloths, but the food is still excellent!

20 Grungy Papers, 10 shabby and worn frames, 8 crumpled paper tags, plus 75 .png elements including: 10 Bows, 10 Ribbons, 5 candles, 5 folded ric rac, 5 Kiss the Chef badges, 5 slices of pizza, 5 wraps, 3 brooches, 3 vases 2 cooking mitts, 2 heart rolls, 1 Little Angel, 1 Pizza Pan, 1 set of bowls, 1 box of veggies, 1 chalkboard, 1 chef's sign, 1 chef's hat, 1 hanging sign, 1 Pizza Paddle w/Pizza, a red rose, a white rose, 1 wine bottle with 2 wine glasses, 1 Brick Pizza Oven, 1 Pizza Paddle, 1 Pizza Sign, 1 Wine Barrel, 1 Gold Butterfly and 1 bunch of grapes.

Everything is saved to 300 DPI, and can be used for smaller print jobs up to 5 x 7 inch size.

Make sure you have the number for carryout near by, because you'll want it by the time you finish with this kit!

Thanks to DigiWeb Studio and Whimsy Primsy for providing the art work used in the creation of this kit.

Personal Use Only Please!

Note: This kit has been retired and is available for FREE elsewhere on this blog!

The Big Kahuna photo DCD_TheBigKahuna_TS-1.png

Maui is known as the magic isle and a far as surfing goes, it's definitely magic. The Big Kahuna carries the magic of the surf with it as it takes you on a trip to the Valley Isle and the wave swept sand covered beaches without ever leaving your home.

Inside this beautiful kit you'll find 20 tropical papers, 6 frames, 5 tags and 2 post cards and 112 fabulous elements making this one huge kit with lots of tagging opportunities.

You get 10 Flowers 5 bows, 5 butterflies, 5 dragonflies, 5 sea horses, 5 lady bugs, 5 ric racs, 5 strings, 5 string wraps, 5 surf boards, 5 sea shells, 4 beach bags, 4 beach towels, 5 beach umbrellas, pairs of flip flops (or summer slippers), 3 Macaws, 3 sets of waves, 3 conch shells, 2 deck chairs, 2 beautiful "faun" beach girl posers, 2 Hibiscus, 2 palm trees, 2 tiki, 2 '30 Ford Woodies, 2 starfish, 1 blue bird of happiness, 1 glitter star, 1 juke box, 1 orange flower, 1 orange lily, 1 pink hibiscus, 1 sand border, the sun, a sun charm, a Sunflower. 1 toucan, and 1 rose of Sharon.

Personal Use. Scrap 4 Hire, Scrap 4 Others, okay!

Pick up The Big Kahuna today and enjoy your stay on the magic isle!

This kit has been retired and is now FREE!
Download your copy HERE.

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