Sunday, December 20, 2009

New from Digicats: Party Girl

Party Girl

Ready for the New Year? You can be certain you've got all the supplies you need with this great taggers size kit, from hat and shoes to corsets, you'll find everything that the best dressed party goers are wearing!

30 glittery .jpg papers are just the start as there are 148 .png elements packed in here for you tagging enjoyment. You are getting 15 Streamers, 10 bonbons, 10 frames, 5 balloons, 5 bells, 5 bows, 5 champagne glasses, 5 champagne bottles, 5 corsets, 5 eye masks, 5 garlands, 5 holiday balls, 5 music elements, 5 noisemakers, 5 New Year hats, 5 ornaments, 5 party hats, 5 rockets, 5 shoes, 5 tags, 5 tiaras, 5 twisty ribbons, 3 baubles, 3 countdown candles, 3 New Year blings, 2 2010 banners, 2 Happy New Year banners, and 1 New Year's bling curtain, plus 4 gorgeous Goth Toon posers by ©Perfect Posers.

300 DPI. Personal use only.

So make sure you're set to party your way into 2010! Get Party Girl today!

Note: this kit has been retired and now available for FREE elsewhere on this blog!

Party Skelly

Try the Party Skelly Tutorial at Di Before Dawn tutorials.

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