Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'd been e-mailing Gail at Aussie Scrap Design, and she sent me some space ships to use for tags for the boys. I'm not sure if they are a bit too high tech for their age level or not (dad certainly likes them), but it did remind me I had some alien posers. The problem is, I never have anything to scrap them with, but that was also solved for me, as Aussie Scrap Store has a "My Alien" taggers kit from Connie's Creative Chaos.

The Aliens are (c) by Lacy Clagg and are freebies that you can get at the LC Tube Store.

The alpha comes with the kit, and while I'm not all that keen about it, I was being unimaginative as well. I think if I had them orbiting around like asteroids....

Alien Justin

Alien Justin

I think I have two more of these little critters, so I'll have to work on the asteroid idea. I mean...they really kind of look a like - don't they?


Gail has also been learning Poser/Daz3D and has been subjecting treating us to the products of her learning experience. She made a chibi, which she said was naked and bald for three days - I thought that was kind of appropriate. Isn't that how we all come into the world?

She finally got hair and a swimsuit on her, so I used the collab kit from the Aussie Scrap Store to send her down to the beach:

Nana at the beach

Fun stuff, eh?

I think she needs waterproof mascara though.

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