Friday, January 23, 2009

T-13: I has a Dream (Part II)

We had some great responses from felines around the interent on their dreams. Be sure to stop by Diamond's Blog to see the full presentation and to read all the comments.

"Cinnamon & Sugar" is a "new" kit from Farrah's Creations that I picked up while she was having a $1.00 sale at Farrah's Designer Scraps. It comes with it's own alpha, and the next three tags all take advantage of that.

Miss Peach

Cornish Rex Cat

Miss Peach is one of the geritatrics of the Cat Blogosphere, and the colors in this kit go just wonderfully with her coat. I love the little scrap bears in the kit, but it not want to overuse them on the tags. Besides...

Maggie McKitten Cat

Tabby Cat

The kit has a bit of a fairy tale feel to it, and they weren't always appropriate. This is another kit I want to do some non-kitty cat tags with as I think it has a lot of potential for fairy tags.

The full-sized verson would be great for scrappin' out your little ones.


House Panther

I used a blog freebie frame for this tag. I later found matching frame for the tag in one of her cluster frame packs. You can see it on the Chairman Mao tag below.

"Through My Window" is another kit with a fairy tale sort of feel to it, but it is more of a woodsy, homey feel than the sort of airy, fantasy taste in "Cinnamon & Sugar".

I've played with this kit before, and I like it, but I feel like I was "reaching" for the tags. Maybe the kittens in question were just being uncooperative?


House Panther

I started out cutting out part of the background, and then ended up removing all of the background. Pepi was then dark on a dark background so I had to put in a separate lighter background to make him stand out. But you know...the coke bottle just wasn't working!

This kit does not have it's own alpha, so I used the Brushed Metal alpha from NettieB, as it matched the metal heart element in the kit.

Chairman Mao

Siamese Snowshoe Cat

I love this picture of Moa, but I couldn't find a way to use it until I went with the frame. The frame is part of Farrah's "Cluster Frames Set 2" package. The butterfly came from her "Realistic Flowers and Butterflies" CU element pack, and the Hummingbird is from Calypso Designs. So basically only the background elements are from the TMW kit.

The "Baby it's cold outside" alpha is courtesy of Designs by Karyn. I wanted something kit of "blingy" to go with the frame elements.


House Panther,Grr

Rowena wanted to know if Grr's eyes were always that big, but I think her eyes are part of what makes her so appealing. The frame was from one of Farrah's CU Grab Bags, the alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking and the screws that are holding the name plate on are courtesy of the Scrappin' Cop.

I love the bark background. That's one of my favorite papers, just at the moment.

Miss Diamond

House Panther,Miss Diamond

As the 13th kitteh in this week's T-13, Diamond got a kit all to herself! This is the new "Winter Bliss" kit from Farrah's Creations, which comes in both a full and tagger sized version and includes it's own alpha in three different color variations. (I used the "teal" alpha as I like the color.)

There wasn't a round frame, which is what I wanted, so I used the leaves included in the kit to "make my own" so to speak. It's only a half frame, as I wanted you to be able to see at least a part the picture!

The owl is simply adorable and I HAD to include it. The spikey background is a mask, BTW, courtesy of Wee Scots Lass. The paper does not come like that.

Farrah has a Quick Page Freebie on her blog done with the Winter Bliss kit, as well as two more, one made from her new "Sweet Love" (Valentine's Day) kit and the other from her "Masquarade" (Mardi Gras) themed kit. Be sure to stop by and snag them!

That concludes this week's T-13. Next week we'll be going Down Under in honor of Australian Day, which is actually on Monday, and then on February 5th I'll be doing an all Woofie T-13: Puppy Love.

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