Saturday, January 24, 2009

Land of the Rising Sun

There has been, of late, a number of kits released with a Chinese theme. Sadly you don't see many Geisha posers out there, or even Asian ones for that matter.

I had originally gotten the Goddess tubes from KairinaKat Kreations to scrap out using the "Through Sugars Eyes" kit from Scraps by Jessica, but I've since used them for just about everything else. I turned to them for this project.

They are not Geisha and not even really oriental but hey...she's a Goddess, she look however she wants, right?

Asian Goddess

I am using "Shades of the Orient" scrap kit from Designs by Ali, which is full of lush colors and is just beautiful. It comes with it's own alpha, although I was thinking how nice it would be if I had Chinese characters and could add the names written in Chinese.

Dream on, I know.

She's thrown in elements from all over - I found a vase and a dragon fan on Poser Realm, but the real gem here is the vibrant colors and textures.

Asian Goddess

This is a close up of the dragon fan in question. The colors for today are gold and red, in case your interested, as that seems to be the underlying theme through most of the kits I have.

The kit does contain oriental symbols in both Red and Gold, one for each of the 12 houses of the Chinese Zodiac.

Asian Goddess

Since there were a number of sales this weekend, I picked up quite a few of the oriental themed kits. I think perhaps - probably not in February but maybe some time in March, I'm going to do an oriental themed T-13.

February's pretty much booked as we have Puppy Love, then Valentine's Day, followed by President's Day and then Mardi Gras, sooo...

For what it's worth, Chinese New Year is Monday, January 26th, and we are entering the year 4707 on the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Ox.

And maybe one of these days I will scrap out the Goddess posers using the "Through Sugar's Eyes" kit.

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