Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet Sadie Fae

Since Creative Scraps is having Dollar Days, I took the opportunity to snag the kits by Baby Cakes Scraps that I don't yet have and would like to have. Heck - a buck each? How can I go wrong.

I rather liked her new "My Sweet Love" kit - the fourth Valentine's Day kit she released. However, I decided to go a different route and do some fairy tags. It was a bit of a stretch, as the kit is a little low on flora and fauna end of things. But the orange appealed, especially on a cold day.

(In fact, it's so cold there was frost - FROST! - on the grass this morning and on my car! You almost never see frost in Southwest Florida. Maybe I should unpack the Kiss of Winter blog train collab and do winter tags! Brrrrrrr!!!)

I also - rather than use one of KairinaKat's Fae - decided to go with Sadie Fae, this particular four pack coming from Calypso Designs. we go...

Sweet Sadie Fae 1

I did use a mask on this - which you can almost see - but the pink really blended into the background paper. The background roses are part of the distressed doodle. Sadie Fae has wings, but they are very transparent, so I saw no reason not to play with the two sets of wings that came with the kit.

The butterflies are by Calypso Designs as well.

Sweet Sadie Fae 2

There isn't a whole lot of fauna in the kit either, but there are all sort of Valentine's Day elements which I was trying not to use. I'll probably take a stab at a Valentine's Day layout using Shelly's Fantasy in Peach (or pink) Fae at a later date.

The butterflies and sparkle trail come as a whole and are really the only butterflies the kit, although there are some in the paper designs. The papers, like most of Lynne's papers, are beautiful and I adore the lace.

You can sort of see Sadie's wings, or at least one of them, in this tag.

Sweet Sadie Fae 3

The Butterfly shaped pin is the only other piece of fauna - relatively speaking - in the kit. I used the star trail in it's over sized version as it comes in the kit with this tag, I resized it for the next tag...

Sweet Sadie Fae 4

I tossed in the love charm element, which is really nice, and of course, I replaced Sadie's wings. You don't see orange used to much, so perhaps that's why I found the kit appealing.

DSLL is having a Dollar Day on Saturday - they don't do this often - which will allow me to get the "Love Birds" kit from Designs by Tisha. she does not make taggers kits - hers are all full sized - so I'm loath to buy them, but for a dollar, I'll get it and resize it! LOL!

Although given what I spent at Creative, Heavenly, and Treasured Scraps on their respective sales, I'm a-wash with scraps right now! Oh well...lots of fodder for upcoming projects!

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