Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lil Cupid

Spring? Spring? How do you expect me to concentrate on SPRING when there is SNOW on the ground?

I don't think spring shows up until March - so Valentine's Day comes first. Hah!

The little "Ellette" Fae in these tags is (c) Angelique Field a.k.a. Digital Embellishments and can be purchased at Treasured Scraps or Cool Digital. This is on older offering from Angelique - there Valentine's Day girl this year is a chibi and I have more than enough of those from Sharon to play with right now.

Make me stay away

The scraps for this first tag are from the "I Can't Love You" add-on freebie from Kirsty's Scraps. I needed some extra scraps to finish it though, so I got them from the Valentine's Day Bling CU pack from KairinaKat Kreations. Even if you're not going to do things for resale or give-away, it's handy to have around for the additional elements.

The word art came with the add-on. Love is nothing if not persistent, so one must assume that cupid tends to be as stubborn little imp as well.

The color scheme worked very well though - Kirsty says the kit is sort of dark and grungy, but I thought it looked kind of chocolaty, actually. So ended up buying the tagger sized version of the kit from DSLL. You can find the Add-on at Kirsty's blog, or at US4T.

I'd like to bash these down and print them to use as VD cards, but we'll see about that. Just at the moment I had fun with the creation end.

Always and Forever

The kit came with this very lovely decorated bracket which I thought would make a great bow, so I went and got some of the string that Scrappin' Cop had given away and strung myself a bow. So now I have a little Fae Cupid, with a bow, which I like much better than the baby cupids we usually see.

The white lacy heart is courtesy of the Maltese Scrapper, and the butterfly came from the KairinaKat Kreations pack (which you can buy at Creative Scraps). There wasn't a butterfly in Kirsty's kit and while I could have pulled out a template and made one, I was already making bows and arrows, so I went the lazy taggers route. I know, I rely too much on butterflies, but I LIKE them.

The word art is from Cupcake Sprinkles by Caitlin. Kirsty puts glitter tiles into with the kit, which is nice, but you really need contrasting colors for the word art. I used some of the tiles that came with her "New Beginnings" kit to do the coloring on the word art.

All I want is You

This piece turned out really nice except that we lost the "You" in the word art because of the bling background. I love the paper flowers and the paper dolls that came in the kit.

Love's gonna get ya

I used the same arrow template from Michelle's Angels that I used for the "Valentine" piece I'd done earlier for the arrow, but I got rid of the heart. My catalog of word art failed and my mental catalog of love song lyrics wasn't working well either, but I finally managed to dredge this one up. It's not right -- the actually lyrics were:

I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you
Look out boy, 'cause I'm gonna get you

...but that didn't quite work out. It's from a Diana Ross and the Supremes' song, in case your interested. I changed it around a bit, to make it work on the piece. Consider it a sing along wrong sort of thing.

All-in-all, it was a very simple piece to make, but it is probably my favorite of the group.

All you need is Love

"Dottie" is also (c) by Angelique Field. I adore Dalmatians but I can't handle a big dog, and I've heard they are very high strung as well. Nervous big dogs are definitely not for me. I felt I needed something in the piece and the puppy fit the bill, so I was pleased. The butterfly is from the Valentine Bling pack from KairinaKat Kreations. The "diamond spill" is from Kirsty's kit.

The word art is again courtesy of Cupcake Sprinkles, who has put out a freebie kit I'd like to play with. As there were nine "Ellette" Fae is the element pack, I think I'll use some of the remaining ones to play with her kit.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my ramblings. I quite snowed in...

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