Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lavender Fantasy

The problem with these long holiday weekends is that I revert to being a night owl - up at night, sleep during the day. I used to work the night shift because, well...that's what seems natural to me. The problem is most client don't come to see their accountants at night.

So I was a bit of a lush today and accomplished little or nothing of what I'd hoped to accomplish.

I did however clean up - sort of - the huge January Collaboration download I got from United Scraps 4 Taggers. There were 31 sections, although I only downloaded 29 as two of the contributors were nice enough to allow a choice between full and tagger sized kits. Most just gave us one or the other, which makes working with the collab even harder than usual as you have to keep checking the size of a file before you open it. I need to go through and figure out which designers send full sized stuff, and resize it.

I do like the kit however, the colors lend themselves very well to fairy tags. All four of these tags use the "Lavender Fantasy Fae" (c) by KairinaKat Kreations, which is the Elisa poser recolored. They has four sets out like this Lavender, Peach, Pink, and Aqua. I understand the need for color variation, but having some different poses would be nice too! As with all of Shelly's designs, you can buy the Lavender Fae at Creative Scraps.

Lavender Fae

This first tag uses Soxsational Scraps' portion of the collab. The portions by Sox and Creationz by Jo I set off under their respective designer directories as they were large enough to use as a mini-kit. In fact they are larger than some mini-kits. The only problem with Sox's portion is there were no butterflies, so the butterfly and bird in the tag are by Calypso Design. (I'm so happy I got the papillon just don't know!)

The "White Christmas" Alpha is from Delicious Scraps. I could actually kick myself as I didn't remember that Kirsty's contribution to the kit was not just one, but TWO alphas - and she sent them in full and tagger size. The reason I forgot is I put them off under her designer directory, but there was a reason for this.

Lavender Fae

Kirsty's new kit is called "New Beginnings" and it is angel/fairy themed - there being elements for both sorts of tags in it. You'll notice the colors match the January Collab, which is why I forgot about the alphas. They are actually add-ons to this kit.

It's a lovely kit by the way, I'll be working more with it, as there's a whole ton of elements, especially with the double theme.

This was also a double mask piece - although both masks are intended to be hearts, its a bit hard to tell as Elisa is covering too much to really make it out.

Both "New Beginnings" and the US4T collab have a subtle Valentine's Day feel, as well a spring sort of feel, although Silent Dreamer sent along winter elements with her portion of the kit.

I'm still not ready to head off full steam into spring tagging though, they'll be more snowy stuff coming.

Lavender Fae

Fae #3 uses the portion of the collab that comes to use from Creationz by Jo. I love the little eyelet cord bows in this kit; Jo included some really cool elements. She also sent it along in full size, however, I ran QueenBrat's script in batch processing mode, and it was a snap to resize it.

The "Solid Gold Swirl" alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Lavender Fae

This is all from the collab and I'm not really sure who sent what except the pleated flowers are from Designs by Ali and the jeweled butterfly is from Honored Scraps.

I am having problems with Artistic Creations portion of the kit too. I can see the elements in the Win Explorer preview, and all the file info pulls up okay, but when I try to open them PSP tells me they are NOT a valid file. However, there's SO MUCH to this collab, that it's a small loss. I just wanted to mention it, as it will make me think twice about purchasing one of their kits. (Although at this time, they only have one.)

They were the only ones who sent as a .rar file but that's never been a problem before, so....who knows?

Cherry Blossom Fae

Cherry Blossom Fae

The poser in this one is from Angel's Tubes - she was one of her freebies. She looks...I dunno...weird. Maybe it's just the way she's posed.

The scraps are from the US4T collab, which is why I decided to include it here.

I'm thinking of using this kit to tag some of the Sadie Fae versions I have. I'd done a couple that I'm unhappy with, but this kit lends itself quite well to fairy tagging.

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Anonymous said...

These are really pretty even for pastels! ;) hehe
I noticed also that you are giving your pictures more structure.
All you have done are just beautiful, you know i think that but these seem less crowded.. or .. well I can't think of a word without putting the others down, and I do not want to do that because I love them all.. hrrm I hope you understand :)))
Like they have grown up onto a new level or something... bah I give up ! ;)