Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cutie Chubbies

These first two use the "Princess" poser by Sharon Becker Designs, but they are still kind of gothy, as I did them right after my mom made the comments about Misty last week, and I was in a sour mood.

Here Kitty, Kitty

Princess,Chibi,Gothic,Kitty Cats

The scraps are from "A Gothorian Princess" taggers kit by Chaos Priestess. The "Evil Tulips" are a freebie template from CP as well. They fit, as it's the kind of mood I was in.

The tuxie kitty is one of the pre-made ones that comes with the Puddy Cats template from Soxsational Scraps. I have the worst time trying to get that template to work for me. Perhaps I need to try it in PSP, as they seem to be easier to do there.

Skull Princess


In this tag our little Princess is holding one of the goth dolls from Calypso Design. She also has Biscuit along for company. The scraps are from the Skull Princess taggers kit from Bittersweet Designs, which I think is one of the kits she's retired. This is another tag that I had to do over several times to get a look I was happy with. The first time through it was too pink and way too bright.

Chibi for Sharon

Chibi,Kids Tags

This one was done for Sharon and it uses her "Mary" chibi and her "Lacy Ann" taggers kit. The little puppy comes from a template from Farrah's Creations that was very quick and easy to make. The Blue Oregon Alpha is by Barbara Lee.

Fabulous Rosie

Chibi,Princess,Kids Tags

It's always "Cracklin' Rosie" but the word art with the kit said Fabulous, so....

This uses the "If the tiara fits" taggers kit from Designs by Helly. The "Messy Denim" alpha is courtesy of C. Papier.

In looking at the way these are laid out on Photobucket, it's interesting to note the similarities between this Chibi and the "Lil Gothling" one in the post below.

Christmas Angel

Winter,Snow,Snowman,Happy Holidays,Chibi,Kids Tags

For some reason, this one seemed ot take for-ever to do. The scraps are from the Snow Cute (version 2) kit from Soxsational Scaps. The word art is from Bekah E. The mask is from Wee Scots Lass. I bought all the reissued kits but for the heck of it because "The Goodie Loft" had everything on sale for 88 cents as an introductory offer. I notice they do NOT have all of Krissy's kits in the store, although Sox's new Victoria Street accessory pack is a Boutique only issue.

I do not like the clip art as well in the second version. The clip art in the first version is much cuter. Ah Well...

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