Thursday, January 29, 2009


I was feeling a little less than inspired last night, but I had come across this cute tutorial by Deb's Designs that I wanted to try. It's called "While the Katz Away" and you can find it HERE

Now, I had neither the Pinup toons tube nor the Katz kit by Meadowsong. However, I had a rather unique catwoman tube that was a freebie by Angel's Tubes and I had the "Kitty Cat" kit from Soxsational Scraps so I figured I could adapt.

After quite a bit of adaptation, this is what I came up with.


One of the ladies on Digital Chaos made the comment that she could never follow tutorials anyway, I can kind of sympathize. I was good until we go to applying the mask, which simply would not work for the me the way it was described in the destructions. So I did it way I always do it, which worked fine, no biggy.

Then I realized that the "Kitty Cats" kit did not have a round frame in it. No biggy, I went over to my CU Grab Bag stash, got a scalloped frame template and made my own. The ribbon came with the kit, so I added that.

I have no idea what I supposed to be doing with the poser, so again, I did it myself. She uses two versions of the poser, my way duplicated the frame later, and required a lot less erasing, from what I could see.

Of course the clip art is different, and since there were no balls of yarn, I used the fish bowl instead. The paw prints were a bit of a pain. They were a bit of .jpg clip art and for some reason, I couldn't lift them and put them onto a transparent layer like I usually do with that type of stuff using the magic wand. So ended up resorting to the background eraser. And as the paw-prints were black, I elected to recolor them with glitter before I applied them to the piece.

Given the diffrences in materials, it didn't turn out too bad. As we're hosting weekend cat blogging this weekend on Tabbylicious, I added in the Alpha and text and decided to use it as a banner. The "wild" alpha is from Chriscrap Designs, BTW, and was a freebie.

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