Friday, January 2, 2009

Cheerful Chubbies

All "Chubbies" and scraps used in all these tags are (c) by Farrah's Creations and can be purchased at Designer Scraps or DSLL (with some limitations).

Fallen Angel

Angels & Devils,Chubbie

This tag combines the Damaged Angel "Chubbie" with the "Dangerous" taggers kit. I just adore this little doll!

Mouse Mama


"Mousie and Me" is one of Farrah's new releases and she's something for the "Mouse"-kateer in all of us. The scraps are from the "Through my Window" taggers kit, which turned out to be a surprising little set. I'd bought it for the colors, but it some really unique and interesting elements in it, and would probably to be great for some fairy tags.

I look forward to experimenting with it.

Rock Star


I think the Punk "Chubbie" is just too cute! The "Rock Star" taggers kit is a freebie that can only be found at the Designer Scraps Shop. The little Scotty dog was made using a template from Farrah's "Template Mix" pack, which also includes a reindeer and a glitter stick.

Jolly Santa

Chubbie,Santa,Reindeer,Happy Holidays

This is one of the "Santa Baby Chubbies" which comes as part of a two pack. The scraps are all from the "Jolly" holiday themed kit.

Last Dance with Merry Jane

Romance,Chubbie,Love or Lust

The "Mysterious Chubbie" is a new release from Farrah, as is the "Love Song" taggers kit. The "After Dusk" alpha is courtesy of Flowers Scraps.

M.J. relates that she was born "Mary Jane", went through periods where she was either Mary, or Jane, but not both at the same time, and finally settled on "Merry Jane" in high school. Once she turned 18, she legally had the spelling changed. The Chubbie actually kind of looks like her, in a cartoony stort of way.

Farrah has half a dozen new freebies (full size) up on her blog for the New Year, so be sure to stop by and pick them up!

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