Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Immortal

Helly is such a little bandwagon jumper. At least when Chaos Priestess released "Vampire Heart", the lack of obvious Twilight inspired elements made me believe that she just maybe wanted to release a vampire kit.

Helly makes no such pretense with her first release of 2009, which is called "My Immortal". She even tells you up front it's Twilight inspired. At least it's well done, and I can almost forgive her just for the title. (I'm a closet Evanescence fan.)

So...all four tags make use of her latest release in taggers size. All of the posers are from Shelly at KairinaKat Kreations.


This uses the Elisa poser, which was actually her first release, only she'd one it in green at the time. The white version is included with the Lavender/Aqua/et al Fae sets, and since I didn't really want fairy wings, but did want white silk, so it worked out well.


This tag and the last tag make use of Shelly's "Goddess" poser pack. I did have other plans for them - and will probably still do those tags when I get around to it. The "Silver Twilight" alpha is from Amber Gray Designs.


The poser is "Mandy" from her four pack of the same name. Now give me one of these in different colors please! (A pink version would be smashing, don't you think?)


The almost visible "Scripted Jewels" alpha is from Bizee Digi-Arts. The lyrics in the background are from the "My Immortal" song, off Evanescence "Fallen" CD.

You can get KairinaKat Kreations' posers at Creative Scraps. I had also purchased some of her CU valentines day stuff as I was planning on working on flairs, but this came up and I got sidetracked. I know - Miss Diamond has a longer attention span sometimes. She's still intent upon catching her first rat of 2009 and has been since we got up this morning.

Have you been missing Taggers Scraps? Fear no more! United Scraps 4 Taggers has opened their doors and just like TS, they're not shipping to your area either! I've already dropped Ali a line about it. Her products are misconfigured. I mean, given all the designers who've struck out on their own and are using Zen Cart, you have to wonder, how hard can it be?

Save yourself the head ache and wait until they get the kinks wrinkled out. (PS: as of this posting it appears they have a temporary fix on it! Yeah!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow they are nice! I also love your new background!! Oh wow is it pretty! :)