Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Summer - somewhere

For some reason, the "Under the Boardwalk" theme for the January Collaboration at Aussie Scraps didn't actually seem weird to me, and of course, it was much more attractive package than the pastel colors over at Creative Scraps (sorry ladies, but I hate that sickly pastel green). However, I had unzipped it and was putting it away when I got to the word art that said "Summer".

"Huh?" I said to myself.

Followed by an "Oh, yeah, it's Aussie Scraps. It's summer over there."

Four Aussie Scrap designers, plus Charly from Perfect Posers, combined their talents to bring you a taste of summer, even if it's the dead of winter where you live.

I did not use Charly's "Rusty" however, opting to use "Punky Sue" who is (c) by Lacy Clagg. A Sadie Fae variation, Rusty* is no more dressed for the beach than Punky Sue is and Sue's coloring went better with the rainbow swatch that the designers used.

Fun in the Sun

I was going to say that one of the since things is all the designers sent taggers sized stuff along, but that's not the case, as Gail's contribution is Full Sized. And while there are ton of beach side elements, some of the more common elements like flowers and bows are sadly lacking, or missing. There are no buttons or brads at all, and only one lone staple to use as a fastener.

There was also nothing that I could use as an event horizon in this layout, so I got some of the twine that Scrappin' Cop gave out this last week. She got a new light box for Christmas, and was having lots and lots of fun with it.

The word art in this piece is also borrowed, this time from Designs by Helly. While there is plenty of word art in the kit, I didn't like the layout of any of it for this particular piece. (I do however, think the crab is incredibly cute!)

Sun Dance

While Scrappin' Cop was busy with rubber bands, twine and ribbons, the Maltese Scrapper is missing her native Florida and has been shooting shells, several of which I used in this piece. I never seem to have enough good shells for beach layouts - now I do.


This was another "fun with masks" piece. I do especially like the seashell flower, which came from A-Designs by Leah portion of the collab. The very cool sand bucket is also from her. The "Beach" rub-on is courtesy of Digi-Designs by Nicole - again, the formating of the word art in the collab wasn't working for me. The doodle bubbles are borrowed from Maria LaFrance's "Under the Sea" kit, which is retired.

Summer Fun

This pieces uses all collab material, except for Punky Sue (of course).

Anyway, I hope this little taste of summer brightened your day. And if you're over in Aus - well, head on down to the beach and enjoy it while you have it - cause spring it just around the corner over here!

* Rusty is very similar to Sharon Becker's Cinnamon, save that I like Cinnamon better. The two however, could be sisters in the real world.

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Oh no thanks! We just got through 3 40C days in a row.. I think that is like 100F... no inside with Air Co for us! :)