Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cherry Fairy and an award!

w00t! I have been given my very first PSP related award, the greatly coveted Leaves of Friendship award from Ms. Ginger at Ginger's House, another fine place for word art. She's also a fellow Floridian, so she shares my pain when the temps dip below 70!

Leaves of Friendship Award

So, I get to pass this honor on! Therefore I'd like to give it to:

Shelly of KairinaKat Kreations, who provides much of the tremendous poser art I've been using on my tags;

Auntie Evie, my friend from Down Under - or at least one of them - check out her blog The Squinty Owl;

Gail, from Aussie Scraps, another cyberpal who's living somewhere over the rainbow;

Bonnie, a.k.a. The Maltese Scrapper, a Florida Cracker now living in Michigan, who's probably got this award more times than anyone else on the internet (she is much loved);

And Patty, another friend in Michigan, who does some wonderful quilt work over at The Quilted Squirrel.

Little Danielle has been sick again, some sort of rash, and of course, my friend, Rowena, her mom caught it. So she was home from work today and amusing Danielle by showing her all the things I'd been doing on the computer (except for like the naked lady stuff, LOL!) and evidently Danielle was on a "why" kick, which was driving Rowena nuts.

It's a testing thing, you know - they're trying to test how far you'll tolerate annoyance.

Despite having not posted these, I'd e-mailed them to her, so they got "Whyed" a lot. The Cherry Fairy is (c) by Lacy Clagg, and the scraps are from the Bluedream Designs' "Cherry IceCream" taggers kit, a retired PTU kit that you can pick up for free at Digital Chaos.

Cherry Fairy

The frame in this piece is from a "Freebie Frame Pack" by Chaos Priestess, but I've looked and don't see it available on DC. It might have been a blog freebie. The mask is from Wee Scots Lass as are all the masks used in the tags in this post. The Pink Valentine alpha is courtesy of Delicious Scraps, and yes, I'm sure the cherry pie is delicious as well.

There are several frames in the kit, they just weren't really what I wanted.

Cherry Fairy

The template for the frame in this one was from one of the retired grab bags from Creationz by Jo. The Beautiful Heart Alpha is by Southern Scrapz. It matches a kit she has by the same name, but it also matches several other kits that I have. This is one of the alphas I picked up the other night at US4T.

I was honestly contemplating picked up some clip art to throw in on these tags as well, but finally managed to resist going that route. Shelly of KairinaKat Kreations put out a new clip art based kit called "My Just Desserts", and while Shelly does some fabulous poser art, I can't help but think the little Cherry Fairy would go well with that kit too.

Cherry Fairy

This is one of the frames that comes in the kit. I love the ribbon wraps Bluey has in the kit. The word art was a Val-day freebie that I got off Digifree and didn't come with a designers name. I suppose I could go back and try to figure out who did it, just to be nice.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your awardie!! And you are so sweet to think of my silly bloggie :)
Wow they are such pretty colours today!
I would die for a lippy that colour! hehe
Although the one with her "eating" Cherry Pie.. looks more like something dead bleeding.. is Cherry Pie that bloody?.. We don;t have it here :).. or it is not made anyway ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dianna - you are just too sweet. I love the new backgrounds and graphics on your site. Any suggestions on anything else you need. My brain is slow because I've been working on new products for the store.