Monday, January 19, 2009

Lil Panda

I keep thinking that I need to exile all cuteness and light from this blog - little mermaids not withstanding - but then Soxsational Scraps put out these adorable little Chibi Bears and well...

I'm just such a Sox-a-holic that I can't stand myself sometimes. There are four sets so far. These tags were done using her "Lil Panda" set, but she also has "Lil Ted", "Lil Bug Bear" and "Lil Thread Bear". And the only thing saving you all from cute overload is that I have to do the T-13 for this week.

Lil Panda 1

Lil Panda

I was kind of wandering around in terms of which kit to use - as I wanted to stick with Sox stuff, so I started out with her "Raggedy" taggers kit, which was the first V-Day kit she released this year. I intend to use this went I get ready to do the Puddin's Valentines tags, but just for the moment, I put Lil Panda there.

Lil Panda 2

Lil Panda

"Flower Bee" was a FTU blog offering by Sox not too long ago that I've not really done anything with. I will, eventually. This one has a lot of clip art - including bee clip art - and I've got some non-chibi bee posers what will go great with it. (And some chibi bees as well.)

The alpha is from Lady Grundlefunk, part of her January color challenge entry, and you can snag it off her blog for free. Tracey is Sox real name, in case you're wondering. I feel a tip of the hat to the designers is always in order.

Lil Panda 3

Lil Panda

Since there was nothing to indicate if they were little boy chibi, or little girl chibi, I saw no reason that I couldn't use them to do a few tags for the boys, so...I went with the "Jungle Fever" kit, which I kind of figured would work the best.

The "Green Glitter" alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking. The masks on all of these tags are from Wee Scots Lass.

Lil Panda 4

Lil Panda

This time around the "Oregon" alpha is from Barbara Lee. I really like the way the mask worked out in the background with the lion. I was really like of pleased with that.

I'm hoping Krissy will have a few more additions to her "Lil" series as well, but I'll take the "Lil" bears, for now. All of Sox's stuff - except for the blog freebie - can be found at The Goodie Loft, which has added "Captivated Visions", "Creative Intentionz" and "Light, Camera, Actions" to their design staff.

Okay...I'm done squeeing (for now).

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