Monday, January 19, 2009

The Return of the Love Chick

I am word art challenged. For one thing, I never know what to say. And if, by some strange reason, I come up with something to say, I have to fight with the word art tool to say it. (See the case of the disappearing glitter in the Ocean Friends post below.)

So I really love designers like Caitlin, of Cupcake Sprinkles, you give me word art. And it's FREE word art no less.

We also got a couple of Valentine's Day kit, so "The Love Chick" (b) by Bits'N'Bobs is now making her second run as we take a look at Caitlin's offerings.

The first kit is called "I Heart You" and you can find it HERE.

Hugs & Kisses

Hugs & Kisses

The mask is courtesy of Wee Scots Lass. It's broken up by the design, otherwise it does some really weird things to your eyes.

Love In Bloom

Love in Bloom

There's several mats included in the kit, so rather than go with a mask this time, I made use of the mats.

I heart you

I Heart You

The alpha is courtesy of Crazed's Creations, and it actually really nice and simple for a Valentine's Day alpha. I decided to put the obviously Valentines Day oriented alphas in the Valentine's Day folder to make them easier to find.

The second kit is called "This Kiss" and you can find it HERE.

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

The word art is snagged from one of her word art packs. I like the papers in this kit, especially the one with the quilted look hearts on it. The Mask is from Wee Scots Lass again.

This Kiss

This Kiss

The love birds is another great piece of paper. The alpha is courtesy of Delicious Scraps. It's a full sized alpha, I should probably drop it down to taggers size as it's not one I'm likely to use in print anywhere.

Sealed with a Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss

I love paper. I never kept a journal as a kid, but I was an avid letter writer. It's a medium I still prefer over telephones. Funny when you consider I can't come up with quick phrases for tags.

The vellum sheet in the background is by Bits'N'Bobs and was a blog freebie, the stamps are from Voodoo Scraps, from her World Stamp Pack 3. The Love Notes alpha is from Digi-Designs by Nicole I REALLY like that mask from Wee Scots Lass, don't you? The song lyrics are by Bobby Vinton.

Anyway, thanks again to Caitlin for helping out all us word art challenged taggers. LOL! Seriously, I use her stuff all the time. Don't know what I'd do without it.

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