Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year MJ

I'm not sure what Sharon's intentions were with her posers, but after getting giggled at for being early with Valentine's Day, I decided to be a little bit for versatile. So after due consideration, I decided that MJ would made a great little New Years girl, while Stephanie would definitely fit a spring theme. So...first I'd like to show you want I did with MJ.

Putting on the Ritz

Puttin' on the Ritz

MJ is (c) by Sharon Becker Designs, BTW. I stayed with the "Black Lace Affair" (taggers) kit from Toni's Scraparoni for the first two tags. The little Scotty Dog is from a template from Farrah's Creations, and I added additional bling from KairinaKat Kreations' Valentine's Day Bling embellishment pack to make the collar and leash. The "After Dusk" alpha is a FTU set from Flower Scraps.

When I originally did this, I had it too far over to the left and was having trouble moving it. It finally occurred to me to merge all the layers for the little dog together, and they I only had to move two things...MJ and the Dog.

I just love the way it turned out!



The credits are mostly the same with the butterfly coming from the Valentine's Day Bling embellishment pack and being the only outside element.


Celebrate 2009

This layout uses scraps from "Celebrate 2009" taggers kit from Created by Jill. I'm not sure, but I think this was supposed to be part of the Taggers Scraps collaboration. I bought it United Scraps 4 Taggers (which appears to be M.I.A. today) and frankly, it's quite complete in and of itself. The word art came with the kit. This was a fairly simple tag, as opposed to one I was working on this weekend there I had over 40 layers going!

Kiss me at Midnight

Kiss me at Midnight

Again, I am using the "Celebrate 2009" taggers kit from Created by Jill to make this tag. Champagne and New Years sort of go together, but MJ doesn't look old enough to be drinking. So I used the Champagne bottle as a vase and am trying to convince myself that she has sparkling cider in that glass! LOL!

Happy New Year

Kiss me at Midnight

This was done with the "2009" kit from Scrapping Mar. I'm not a big fan of her work, but the kit was a freebie and had a couple of interesting items in it, the flower pin that I tacked onto the card being one of them. Now...if only I could have one of those in the "real" world! The word art in the background is from Crazed's Creations and didn't take to my re-coloring very well. There's obviously some trick that I'm missing out on here.

I just "discovered" Crazed's Creations, by the way, and it's a great place to go for freebies!

Party Time

Party Time

The Maltese Scrapper put out a New Year's "Mini Kit" in 3 pieces. It was full sized and I seem to think that the background paper didn't resize properly. Notice how it pixelated out? However, it's actually a better background than it started out to be, I think.

The elements on the other hand resized fine. I love the little vintage cards she tossed in there....and all the HATS! (Dianna, I'm sure you're now sorry you didn't look at this kit when you were doing your kitty tags. You could have made good use of all the party hats!)

You can pick up the main part of the kit HERE, the word art HERE, And the count down clock, which I didn't use, HERE.

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